Breaking Up With A Client

Do you have a client that is:

  • Consistently late?
  • Constantly causing stress before, during and after their appointment?
  • Never satisfied with what you do? 
  • Consistently wanting their money back?
  • Ruining your reputation in and outside of the salon? 
  • Blatantly rude to you? 
  • Having inappropriate conversations with you? 
  • Not respecting you? 
  • Always trying to get a discount? 
  • Costing you money? 

If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the preceding questions:

Break up with them! 

Breaking up can be hard to do, but sometimes in life staying together isn't the answer. As with all break-ups, there are right ways and wrong ways to end a relationship. I have created a list of rules for you to follow to ensure a safe, thoughtful and conscious break up. 

DTH's 4 Steps To Breaking Up

  1. Make sure you are not upset when breaking up. The right words never come out when you're mad or in a bad mood. Be proactive, not reactive.
  2. Take full responsibility for the break up even when you don't want to. "It's not you it's me". This will disarm your client gently, making sure they don't feel attacked or threatened.
  3. Create alternative options for your client before breaking up. Suggest another stylist or a new salon that can better suit their needs. It's important they feel taken care of in the process.
  4. Do whatever you need to do to make sure your client is not feeling humiliated. The last thing you need is someone ruining your reputation by talking negatively about you in public. 

If all goes well this will lead to the perfect split. No yelling, no fighting and no blaming. Nothing works perfectly but at least these four steps can help you guide the conversation. Working should be enjoyable, don't let one bad client ruin your day.

I would love to hear your break up stories, especially the funny ones, in the comments below!