Fear and Loathing in Social Media Hell

Thank you, Instagram and Pinterest and Youtube.  Now every client is a hairstylist. 

There are videos and tutorials everywhere you turn on social media now.  I’ll admit it- I use them. 

All the helpful things: Douglas McCoy | House of POp: follow them immediately.

Not helpful things but still a guilty pleasure: watching what the Layman thinks we do.  Search Bleach Fails on YouTube and grab some popcorn.

How do you deal with a guest in your chair that wants impossible hair because of some girl crush they have on pinterest?

First thing’s first- they came to a professional for a reason.  If they could do it like the video they would.  The stylist needs to take control right from the beginning in the consultation.  If your head is screaming- ‘NOOOOOO!’ listen to it! Educate the guest on why it wouldn’t work for their hair.

It goes like this:

STYLIST:  I’m so excited to do your hair for your (insert special event) today!  Do you have any pictures or an idea on what you want?

GUEST:  Yes I found a few pictures on Pinterest. 


The guest shows you the pictures on her phone.  You know by analyzing and feeling the guest’s hair the pictures are not realistic. 

STYLIST:  The girls in these pictures have a lot of hair and possibly even some fake pieces braided in.  I’m afraid if we try and duplicate the pictures exactly, you will be disappointed.  But, I can show you some similar styles that will work for your hair! 

GUEST:  Ok, I wasn’t sure if my hair could do this. 

By letting the guest know up front their hair could not produce the exact style, you are saving yourself a possibly unsatisfied guest in the end.  This is a great conversation to have if the guest’s hair is too short, too thin or thick or simply not good for their hair type or facial shape. 

Another scenario we have begun to deal with in the salon is the tutorial videos from YouTube.  Girls may sit in your chair with the thought they could do it just as good but their mom wanted it done professionally or they just don’t want to take the risk themselves. 

Make sure you get on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram a few weeks before prom season or black tie event in your area.  Watch the tutorials and look for the trends.  Make sure you know how to do them.  Some styles may look complicated but they actually can be easy once you see the step by step.  Make sure you know your stuff because you can bet with social media, your client will!  Great channels to subscribe to for quality work:

House of POp



R + Co


Daniel Muldoon

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