13 Ways To Curate A Lucrative Instagram

As a Destroy The Hairdresser Mentor, I work close with all of my students regarding their Instagram accounts. I mainly work with them on their posting habits and help them understand the idea of curation. 

Curation: To take charge of, to organize.

When we think of the word curation we usually think of someone organizing an art gallery or putting together an exhibit at a museum. We rarely think of our social media. More than any other form of social media, Instagram must be curated in order to make it lucrative.

If you are a hairstylist, or any sort of beauty professional, attempting to show off your work you must organize and schedule your posting. Curation is also about editing, captioning and Hashtagging. There are right and wrong ways to go about this. 

In order to make it easier for our readers to to control and organize their Instagram accounts, I have put together a list! Ladies and gentleman, I present to you...

Destroy The Hairdressers Top 13 Ways To Curate Instagram:

  1. FOCUS!
    Whether you are a hair stylist, hair colorist, wig designer or all around hair genius you need to have a clear focus. What do you want to be known for? What kind of audience are you looking to attract? 
  2. BIO
    Most people use their bio to say something short & sweet about themselves. Just make sure that it is professional & in line with your focus. Make sure you have your contact email address listed.
    You may be in love with the handle @beachbabe123 but its tacky & no one is taking you seriously. I am a fan of using your first & last name or first & middle name. If you're lucky enough just your first name. Short, sweet, to the point and people should be able to understand & use your name.
    Having 10K followers is a great thing but how many of those followers are robot accounts or businesses. You want followers that are engaged & excited to be part of your fan base. Take the time to respond to comments & direct messages.
    Make sure you are following your biggest fans, people that you can draw inspiration from & of course follow those who you can network with.
    Now days, the @ simple is used for Twitter & Instagram handles. Make sure that you attempt to get the same names for both accounts. This will make it easier when linking your account & when people are looking for your social media. 
    The infamous ‘@‘ has become common & people understand that it means they can follow you on Twitter or Instagram. Make sure its on your business cards, resume, website & Facebook.
    The best way to attract people to your Instagram account is to choose a consistent filter. I suggest sticking with the same filter to give your a strong curated feel to your images. Studies also show that cooler toned images get more likes & interaction. My favorite is the 'Gingham' filter. 
    Tag clients. there are a few different ideas at work here. Most people want to be on your Instagram. Take pictures of your clients hair either finished or in the process. Make sure you tag them in the image with their permission. This gives you more of an opportunity to grab their friends, family & followers attention from their account. 
    Everything you need to know about hashtags can be found in a past blog post that I wrote here
    Make sure you post your location so that your posts pop up in your town or city.
    Your caption or a CTA should be directed toward engaging your audience. Statements are nice but questions are ideal. Things like “What do you guys think of this new color formula I used?” or “thumbs up or thumbs down?”. Inviting the audience to participate by commenting is a great way to engage them & build your re pore with them.
    I recommend posting up to three times a day (morning, noon & night). This puts you in peoples minds all day long without being annoying. Do not over post or under post. Three is your perfect number. 

You now have all the tool you need to curate a lucrative Instagram. If you have anything to add to this list please feel free to leave your comments below!