5 Tips For Creating Denim Hair

 Our Spring Swatchbook?

Our Spring Swatchbook?

There's a new use for your tired, ripped jeans: as swatches in the salon for the newest Spring trend, Denim hair.  It's as if the silver hair trend and the metallic trend had a baby and that baby loved Jerry Seinfeld's acid washed jeans.  So basically, normcore kids are going to love this one.    



This looks like it's going to be fun.  Denim hair can be a light, medium, or dark wash.  It can live in the pastel range for an acid-washed feel, a gram or two of 1N can be added to any blue to smoke it out for a vintage wash feel, or take the plunge and bring back the 50's with dark blue and indigo.  Play the grays and blues and pastels off each other to mimic the range of denims, and don't forget to send them home with a cool-toned shampoo and conditioner.

Appropriate homecare is Tip #1 for denim hair.  Here are a few more:

#2 For anything classic wash and above, (desired goal is lighter than a medium blue/gunmetal grey) pre-lighten to a pale yellow.

#3 If there is any remaining yellow in the hair, first glaze with a level 10 that has cool violet to neutralize.  Yellow + Purple = neutral.  Yellow + denim color and forgetting the violet = greeny uck.   

#4 Jeans are not a one dimensional color.;  Pair different hues of blue and silver with glimpses of white (if you can get her there) 

#5 Rebook for six to eight weeks.  The nice thing about denim is that it lasts longer than unicorn hair or silver hair because it is supposed to fade.


This trend is going to be all over the place for the upcoming spring.  Everyone from Guy Tang to Good Housekeeping is obsessed.  Destroy the Hairdresser votes: Go For It.  Denim is one of the most durable fabrics on the planet.  It's versatile to wear in jeans form or for the hair.  Straight, curly, and wavy textures will produce different vibes and showcase the multiple hues visible in everyone's favorite pair of jeans.  

Stone-washed, acid-washed, classic or even vintage; there's a type for everyone.