Get Out Of Your Clients' Pockets

Let's start with the 3 don'ts

1. Don't assume

2. Don't assume



Why is it so hard for hairdressers to enter this industry with the confidence necessary to be able to state a price of services and products?  Imagine, for one second, the relief that could encompass our work day if we only looked at it as 'recommending tools needed to construct a style at home' instead of 'selling products.'

Is it because we normally start as hairdressers with debt of our own, with a highly sensitive awareness to: talking money is awkward because I don't have much?  


See, the problem with that is the guest is not you and when you assume, you aren't doing your job.  

I had a guest who dressed like a social security pensioner from Ft. Lauderdale who used layaway at Kmart.  She owned half of downtown. Lupe Voss, platform artist for Aveda and founder of Haircolormagic once shared a story with me about going to Nordstrom to buy shoes after a workout.  The clerk, based on her post-exercise casual look, made assumptions about her ability to afford the shoes she asked to see.  

To quote Pretty Woman: BIG mistake.


Do not spend your clients' money for them

Don't assume you know how much they are willing to spend.  It's like a stylist version of mansplaining.  This is not kindergarten, this is business.  Run your business successfully in 2017.

  • Give each guest options for their hair service and communicate the price for each choice. Let them decide.
  • Tell each guest what you recommend they use to maintain and recreate their look at home.  Let them decide.
  • Don't be afraid to talk money.  This is business but it is a business that involves connection and nurturing.  Listen with a caring heart, offer options if budget is a concern.  But have that conversation.  LET THEM DECIDE.

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