The Next Time Theory: More Than Just A Pre-book



When it comes to being successful behind the chair, most stylists think it's all about getting "new" clients. Bringing in new clients is never something to stop focusing on but we need to optimize the ones that we have. Stop working harder and work smarter. We need to create something I call HCT or “Happy Client Talk”. We need to focus on getting our clients ‘mouths-a-flappin’. This is the secret to growing our current and future business at the same time!

The Next Time Theory is exactly that, focusing on the next time, the next service, and the next visit. 

Yes the goal is to get your client to come in every 4-6 weeks. But for what? The same old thing? You may find that the Baby Boomer generation and Gen X’ers enjoy this consistency but Millennials and Gen Z’ers do not.

Make a plan and create something new for them. Sometimes something small and simple in the hair can make a big difference. Not only are you getting the client excited for their next look but it can also be an opportunity to enhance your service.

Stop thinking about up-selling, stop thinking about add-on services, and start thinking about their next visit. You owe it to your client to enhance their image a little bit each time. Changing and tweaking details every visit. 

What are some things you can change and tweak to enhance the next service?

  • Work on the health of the hair

  • Change the highlighting technique for a new effect

  • Try a new toner to enhance the color

  • Change the texture with new product

  • Experiment with some new layering

Sometimes clients don't know they want something new and this can result in them wanting to change salons or get a new stylist. But please remember you're the professional and they are in your care. So if you feel like they need to make a change, you need to communicate your ideas with them. Not only does this build a trusting relationship with your client but it can also inspire you as an artist who needs new stimulation.

How do you discover what that ‘something new’ is?

Start with information mining. What's going on in your client's world. Are they starting a new job, a lifestyle change, or what about vacation? Is Summer over or is it time to create some dimension for fall? How can we create something "new" or "beneficial" for the next time. 

Remember its all about the ‘Next Time’!

You want to own the conversation. Create the plan. Have the confidence to say what you want for your guest. I mean its your name all over the work.

Cyd Charisse