Not Everyone Wants To Open A Salon



Murmurs of 'when will you have kids?' start in the early to mid twenties and grow to a roar as thirty draws close.  'When are you having another' starts to enter the conversation before the birthing process of the original baby is erased from memory.  It can be irksome; that question assumes a lot of things, primarily that kids were a goal in the first place.  

As a hairdresser who has been behind the chair for almost fifteen years, I am starting to hear this phrase an awful lot.

"When are you going to open up your own shop?"

There is a dark side to this question.  Although it has never...EVER...been a goal to become a salon owner, there is a part of the psyche that perks up when that question is heard and starts whispering about fears and cowardice and weakness.  Only recently have people come into my life that have the tenure in this industry that I have, the same passion for the craft, who also do not incline towards ownership.  

There are many reasons.  In no particular order

1) Artistic loss.  I have managed salons in the past.  It takes away from my true love, time behind the chair.

2) Teamwork.  I genuinely love being a part of a team.  It keeps me grounded.  I love learning from my team as well as helping them grow as hairdressers.

3) Money.  Money money money money.  I have high standards.  I would need at least a million dollars start up.  I believe in paying for work performed whether it is styling for photo shoots or cleaning, and I insist on a decent living wage and paid time off so that's going to be a huge chunk of payroll.

 This would be my lobby.  So...bookstore.  I guess I should own a bookstore.

This would be my lobby.  So...bookstore.  I guess I should own a bookstore.



4) Time.  If its my business then its my business and the schedule is 24/7/52.  My family time would suffer and that is not an option.  I've seen too many owners think a salon runs itself and invests the capital and then steps back while waiting for the money to roll in.  Anarchy ensues.

5) Stress.  Paying the bills on time.  Training staff.  Dealing with attitudes.  Cultivating a clientele.  Marketing.  Education.  Image.  Maintenance.  Managers.  Connectivity 24/7.  Disciplinary actions.  Whining.  Efficient booking procedures.   Empathy.  See #3.

6) Reality.  It doesn't sound like fun.  It sounds like work.  I would miss my freedom.

 We all know I'd paint my face and flee screaming 'freedom' within two months.

We all know I'd paint my face and flee screaming 'freedom' within two months.



7) Dedication.  I hate.  HATE.  When someone can't commit and see through the vision they started.  Not only is job hopping the new normal, business hopping by entrepreneurs is the new normal.  The ego it takes to barrel over lives like that is staggering.  I am too casual in my dedication and too respectful of the craft to allow myself to become a fly-by-night salon.

8) Because I don't want to.  

So there.  

How do you feel about The Question, destroyers?  Do you indeed have the aspirations or are you satisfied being a part of a team?  Have people asked you this question?  We want to hear your thoughts.  

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