Skepticism: There Ain't No Such Thing as a Full Package

 Who is the sheep and who is the herdsman?

Who is the sheep and who is the herdsman?

Introducing contributor Evan Stowers

In the last couple years of my career as a stylist I've really started questioning the the blind followers in the hair Industry.  People who subscribe to the latest trend or follow the Instagrammer with the biggest numbers without considering the angles.  I could blame it on my emphasis in Rhetoric I studied in college. For those of you unfamiliar with rhetoric it simply means the process of forming (constructing) or taking apart (deconstructing) arguments.  

Rhetorical analysis focuses on the critique of a subject. Just like a doctor looks for patients' symptoms to identify a disease,  those heavily schooled in rhetoric learn that themes (symptoms) appear everywhere, and that it's these themes that communicate loudly.


 Get paid money, endorse a product.

Get paid money, endorse a product.

I don't profess to be expert but I've seen the theme of persuasion embed itself in the hair industry.  I'm not saying that huge corporate lines are the devil.  What I'm simply saying is that the level of persuasion is far greater than we would like to admit. Think about it. Do you remember going to school, being trained on a product  line and not being happy with every result it produced?  First you try to convince Yourself it's because you are new.  Mostly you don't want to be be one to say 'Hey this red color sucks!'  If it ain't broke don't fix it, right?  And it's only kind of broken so no use saying anything. Honestly I feel like I haven't yet met a brand that has everything.  

I'm a Skeptic.  I've never been good about following the leader.  What I've noticed is that a lot of people would rather follow the leader than pipe up and say'hey I think this product is actually crap make a New one for  us please?'  Those who do are pushed down by the bigger brands or shamed for their opinion.

It's become apparent to me that lately everyone is all about Guy Tang.  As a stylist I actually think he's an excellent hair dresser. I'm just not sold that I need products with his face on them to be amazing.  

 Good for him.  Who  doesn't  wish they had this kind of exposure?  He works very hard to bring home the proverbial bacon.  

Good for him.  Who doesn't wish they had this kind of exposure?  He works very hard to bring home the proverbial bacon.  

I worry others do feel they need those products.  I worry that they feel they won't excel unless they #guytang everywhere. No hatred, I'm just using him as an example.  Sadly, I actually bought into the kit for a moment. I saw many stylists I admired buying kits and posting pictures so I did the same.  I used the Guy Tang kit  many times expecting rainbows to shoot out my bowl but nothing happened.  What I found instead is that the other lightener brands I was using actually out performed the kit. Crazy right?  

Currently I use three different color lines because one alone doesn't perform for me and I'm looking into expanding into others because of what they can do for my clients.  What Guy Tang does on Guy Tang's clients works marvelously.  That doesn't mean it's the best out there.  More  hairdressers should question the things they use.  In society, questioning can be an uncomfortable thing...and that idea needs to be destroyed.

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