Destroy The Hairdresser Career Planning: 4 Steps To Growth

Career planning is no longer a linear path.
— Destroy The Hairdresser


A strong development plan is key to every growing professional.  A five year plan is a solid template for beginning a development strategy. However, hairdressers need to change the way we map out that time period. No longer do we see a five year plan in ascending steps toward one goal. Career planning is no longer a linear path.


The new five year plan is all about making connections and taking actions that feed your growth continuously and cyclically. Instead of going from A to B To C and so on, we are now creating plans that allow A to feed B, C, D and E all the way to E feeding A, B, C and D. The new plan not only flows but also grows. 

The future is uncertain and we are horrible at predicting it. The best we can do is make thoughtful choices.
— Mathew E. May

In his article posted on 99u, May explains how the most of us cannot see where we will be in five years and that is ok. What is important is finding your career strategy. Strategy is what new development is all about. Making smart decisions, taking the right actions with a goal in mind. 

Let's talk in Hairdresser terms.  The color wheel is the new five year plan. 

It is a wheel that cannot exist without the assistance of the other colors. Remove one color and the wheel is not a wheel. It changes its hues and tones in order to move to the next color but it continuously feeds the progression. The color wheel cannot exist if it misses one part.  So too should your career goals and actions support each other.

Step 1: Think of the center of the wheel. What is the goal for the next five years?  Do not get caught up in this too much but its good to solidify a goal as best as you can. Place this goal into the center of the wheel.  


Step 2: Find an action that that you can take in the next three months that feeds the goal you set in the middle of the wheel. This action should also lead into a possible Step 3.


Step 3: Fill in the rest of the actions in three month increments. Each action should feed the one prior, the following and the goal. This takes real planning and critical thinking. 



Step 4: Start! You have three months to get Action 1 completed. If you have done this exercise properly the wheel will change as you go. you may go from Action 1 to Action 4 and back to Action 3. The plan is no cyclical and no longer linear. 


Below is a helpful example:

Example. If the goal is to grow your take home income by 20% in one year this would be the center of your wheel. Action 1 is to sell $15 in retail to each guest. To help achieve action 1, action 2 is to attend product knowledge classes. While working on 1 and 2, you are creating a network of peers and mentors. Those peers and mentors inspire you on Action 3; practice good service skills consistently. Action 3 is contributing to educating your guests more which in turn helps you make Action 1 and in turn achieves your goal.  Et cetera, et cetera.


Today's hairdresser is active on many platforms and has many goals.  The old system of Point A to Point B to Point C isn't feasible any more.  Destroy the notion of singular steps and start playing with the Wheel of Growth.