Stop Talking About The Kardashians: Permission To Speak

As a teacher, manager, business owner and entrepreneur I have always told my colleagues, students and staff never to speak about religion or politics while working. It was something my mentors taught me and therefore I passed it on to those I mentored. Most businesses avoids these discussions but our business is different. Our work is social and based on conversing. Things happen when people start talking. Salons and hairdressers hold so much social influence due to the amount of talking taking place in salons but unfortunately it goes to waste.

So let me say this

I retract my teaching and suggestion to avoid religion and politics while working. I now see that due to the removal of those conversations the Kardashians have found a resting place in hairdresser vocabulary and salon discussions. I am giving you permission to remove the tape from your mouth while working on your clients. speak about politics, speak about religion, speak about global conflict and solutions, discuss lacks and needs nationally and globally. Take stances and stay open to hearing those around you. Change your mind, change their mind, agree to disagree. Either way change the conversation to something work talking about and avoid drowning in pop culture with your clients. 

Here is what I am not saying

I am not saying that you should argue with your clients about these sensitive subjects. I am not saying that you should get violent or angry when someone disagrees with you. I am not saying that every conversation should be political. I am not saying that every client will be open to those types of conversations. I am not saying that you should make people uncomfortable, sad or upset. 

Here is what I am saying

I am saying take back the conversation at work. Discuss concepts and ideas instead of people and gossip. Educate yourself and educate each other. I am saying to build a culture around your chair or your business that invites intelligence. Use your position to promote action and influence change. I am giving you permission to start speaking meaningfully again.