Stress-Less-Ness: The Power Of Doing Nothing

Has anyone else been stressed the hell out lately? I am sure some of you are nodding your head in agreement. If you follow astrology at all then you may be privy to the fact that the last three weeks are considered the most 'negative' weeks in the year. Instead of opening up a deep philosophical discussion I want to focus on only one aspect: the power of doing nothing

As professionals in the beauty industry we are constantly overwhelmed with new trends, new techniques, new people to learn from and follow. We have to put on a smile when we our mouth muscles don't want to pull our lips up and we have to hurry up because are behind an hour. Our blood sugar is low because our client needed to come in for her color last minute and we do it all while attempting to look our best. If you work in freelance you are constantly hustling and sometimes to a fault. If you work in a salon you are constantly checking your book, probably stressing when you have no clients when the rent is due. Or maybe you're stressing out because you are triple booked and your back is ready to call it quits. No one is safe! I have learned something in my ten years of doing hair and thank god I learned it early on in my career because I have so many years yet to go. 

When you do not know what to do, do nothing. 

This is usually a difficult practice to apply. Our instinct is to react, put out fire after fire. Instead I am offering you something better. Let the fires burn, let them burn everything up and put themselves out. There is extreme power in doing nothing. When a tornado has formed and is causing destruction, one does not rush into its path trying to redirect its course. Even a storm chaser knows his or her limits. When shit has hit the fan or your anxiety has taken over or your client is being ridiculous and expects miracles just stop - and do nothing. Let the silence do all of the work. Let the winds whip and wrap around you, throw on some shades [just don't throw any] and wait for it all to settle. You will be surprised at what happens. You will be surprised by the stress-less-ness of it all and I think we all deserve and I think we all deserve this surprise. 

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