Top Ten Habits of Successful Hairdressers

What does it look like to build a career behind the chair in today's salon world?

It's confusing...there are a hundred different ways to do haircuts and color and stylists either choose the path, technique and specialty they want to, or the salon does it for them.

It's loud. The entire point of a business is to earn money and many salons turn into factories, with a lot of staff and a lot of clients.

It's unending. A stylist's job does not end when the last client leaves; that is when it's time to clean up the salon, write the notes for the day, try to build business with courtesy calls and thank you cards, take continuing education courses, update tools, and all of those things do not generate immediate income.

Every salon has different systems and procedures in place to follow. To help with growing your career, Destroy the Hairdresser has compiled a top ten list of the things you should be doing in your salon.

10-Arrive fifteen minutes early for each shift. This will allow for extra time to set up your station, review your day, see what services are booked and take a moment to think about the ways you can add onto them.

9- Always show up ready to work. Style and outfit clean and in place, already fed and caffeinated (if that's your thing)

8- Review the numbers. What is your retention, pre-booking rate, retail percentage, productivity, and talk to leaders in the salon about how to grow.

7- Clean. Three to five minutes every hour should be spent tidying up. Pretend you are on Tabatha's Salon Takeover and ask yourself: what shouldn't the guest be seeing. Piles of hair, overflowing laundry bins, dishes, out-of-date magazines, all of these take away from the guest experience.

6- Say 'Please' and 'Thank you': goes a long way no matter where you are in life.

5- Ask who needs help. Help them.

4-Put away the phone. This is complicated.  It's important to have to record your work; pictures on social media are the best resume.  But if what you are doing on your phone doesn't have to do with work, there is a problem.

3- Always carry a business card.

2- Find a mentor. Guidance will keep the focus on growth.

1- Learn everyone's name. Guests. Co-workers. Masters. Juniors. Baristas. Mailmen. Everyone.