Taste The Rainbow

Thank god, it's finally summer. We can all break out our sunglasses, strip down to less clothing, and taste the rainbow. That’s right, people. I have been taken by the rainbow hair craze and, because you love me and Trichology Project, so will you.

For years, the seasonal trend goes brunette for winter then blonde for summer. At the first scent of spring, people run into their salons begging for balayage and highlights. How boring, right? Then we found a little gem called hair chalk. From the 13 year olds to the 30 year olds, all the girls wanted to be mermaids. It was a painlessly easy and non-committal way to create funky hair without the label of being a punk.

Now in 2015, we have an "I don’t care" attitude. It’s the norm to have bubble gum pink and lavender hair, and it's taking over people of all ages. We are bleaching out our hair and crushing pastels and true primary colors permanently into our strands. The 70s are back, we are all hippies, and, of course, rainbow hair will not be completed without a flower crown.

Now, as much as I love the true hues of the color wheel dripping from our locks, I want to take it a step further. One trend I can’t get over are metallic pastels. I find myself creating pastel formulas with a metallic finish. I’m so over matte pastels. They are flat and look faded. We want shine and dimension. In order to achieve this look in the hair, your canvas must be as healthy as possible. Make sure prior to creating this look that your guest has had treatments and you are keeping the strength of the hair in your best interest. I love Olaplex when pre-lightening hair. For my Aveda family, pre- treat with Damage Remedy Equalizing Solution. Don’t be scared to oversaturate and finish with a botanical treatment and/or a gloss. I prefer both.  Sometimes I will add the equalizing solution into my Enlightener for extra protection. I like to think of it as our own version of Olapex.

So let’s jump back over the rainbow for a minute. The beauty of this look is you can do whatever you want! The hair needs to be pre-lightened, so, based on what kind of effect you want, you can get crazy. Color melting, block color, balayage, splash lights -- the more creative the placement, the better the dimension. 

Pravana has beautiful pastel and neon formulas.  Neon yellow is my personal favorite.

My favorite metallic pastel Aveda formula is my Mint formula:

40g ELC
4g Green Pure Pigment 
2g Blue Pure Pigment
40g 20 vol

The ELC gives that extra lift and a metallic finish. 

Show me your rainbow!! #DestroyTheHairdresser