The Witch Is BACK

...and there's hell to pay.

With the announcement of a remake of the 90's cult hit The Craft, the Future Trends Department at the Trichology Project started musing: is Witch Chic back?

The black hair, black lipstick and aromas of burning sage and patchouli were tip offs twenty years ago that maybe we had watched the Craft one too many times.  Have you played Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board at a sleepover?  Don't worry, we won't tell.  But we will encourage you to start those brain nodes thinking about how you will interpret this fad once it hits.  Ask yourself: Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?

Sky Ferreira channeled a bit of both in her March spread for L'Officiel.  With tousled platinum hair and smoldering eyes, she straddles the line of naughty and nice in what Yves St. Laurent is calling Gypsy Witch.

We've had our fill of vampires in True Blood and Twilight, and Teen Wolf hasn't really made it past MTV for audiences, and it is time for the rise of the witch.  Will yours be a bohemian, all-loving earth mother?  Or a dark and troubled bitch?  Here's a list of our favorite witches from pop culture for your inspiration.



10) Glinda and Elphaba

9) Salem

8) Bellatrix Le Strange (Caeleb's Favorite!)

7) American Horror Story: Coven

6) Mombi from Return to Oz

5) Hocus Pocus

4) The Craft

3) White Witch

2) Witches of Eastwick

1) Practical Magic.  All the hair in Practical Magic.