Guide to Coachella Hair


It’s Coachella weekend, people. That means some amazing music, desert sun, and scoping on what this season’s laid-back hairstyles will be. If your guest is looking for casual, effortless hair, here’s the scoop on what to do.

Festival hair means going for a long period of time, rocking out with only a 30% chance of a shower. Keep the products with excessive moisture and shine to a minimum. Bohemian hair doesn’t mean no style; it means keep it unpolished. Start with a prep product, like a sea salt spray or volumizer. Overdirect the hair at the scalp for maximum volume; the higher the hair the closer to Hozier’s "Take Me To Church." Bend the hair with a round brush blowout or large hot rollers. Even if it gets brushed out, that wave will help transition from style to style if the hair has to be worn for a couple days. The perfect canvas for Coachella hair is voluminous, low-shine hair.

Day 1: Bohemian blowout. All the products are added before, and it’s topped with a good dose of anti-humidity hairspray like Aveda’s Air Control or R + Co’s Foil.


Day 2: If you braid your hair before going to sleep, the braids can be sprayed lightly with a flexible hairspray and a dry shampoo spritzed at the scalp, then shake it out and you’re good to go. This also works for twisting the hair into four to six ‘dreads,' clipping them up for the night and letting them loose in the morning.

Day 3: Braids that stay in might be a must for Day 3. Good news! Gingham, raw ends, and simple prairie beauty are what’s trending for summer. Why not pull a Laura Ingalls Wilder and rock some braided ponytails? Toss in a headband or a sunhat and it’s time to check in for Day 3 of the festival.