Bionic Dress Inspired By Spiders?

New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles.  All these cities have fashion weeks that are much revered, but there are many other venues for cutting edge fashion.  A groundbreaking garment was debuted not on a runway, but at the International Consumer Electronics show.  

Dubbed 'the Spider Dress', it is a 3-d printed blend of robotics and fashion that is blowing our minds.  Picture this: a dress that looks like Wolverine's exoskeleton and an alien tarantula had a baby.  The collar is crowned by moving spider legs that are programmed to read the wearer's biometrics (heart rate, tension, body heat) and respond accordingly.  Let me repeat that.  THE DRESS HAS MOVING SPIDER LEGS THAT CAN REEL YOU IN OR PUSH YOU AWAY.  If SkyNet ever takes over, the wearer will become that dress's bitch.

The designer, Anouk Wipprecht, paired with Intel, uses the creation as an interface between the wearer and the outside world.  It reads the stress levels in the wearer and can act autonomously.  Approach the dress aggressively?  It will extend its legs to create more personal space.  Be gentle with it and it will greet you.  Wipprecht has taken wearable technology, like the fit bit or the google glasses, and gave it a proactive, reactive, and rebellious personality.  She has taken fashion so far outside the box that we must stand up and give her applause.  This is not fashion tech that blinks and boops and changes color, this is a whole new system of interacting with the world.  

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