The Floating Bob

Spring is coming and no one is more excited than I am. I recently moved to New York City, October of last year. I was so excited and full of life… then winter hit, and now all I am full of is food and Netflix. I have officially gained eight pounds due to my body going into hibernation mode, and I have lost all desire to leave my warm apartment--unless it's for food. Why am I telling you this? Because spring is going to be about slimming down, getting rid of the excess and preparing for summer. So while we are shedding those pounds, we are also shedding some of that long cozy hair. We want to take the collarbone length hair from January and crop it to prime real estate--the middle of the neck. Introducing: the floating bob!

The neck is a sexy space on the body and should be shown off. For February, we want to expose the neck, make you look taller (maybe even leaner) and make room for some of those Valentine's Day kisses from your beau. It's important to remember that the middle of everyone's neck is different. This line should fall in a balanced manner about two or three inches above the shoulders and look as though it is floating. Avoid the shoulders. You know how we don't love the shoulders.  

February is not about volume; its about deflation. We want to really allow the neck to do the talking, so we are not drawing your eye up, but actually drawing it down. Create maximum weight by cutting a blunt line. Create movement and life by chipping into the hair and layering around the crown. Create massive texture with a disheveled look by layering the entire cut. However you customize the look, make sure you keep the neck in mind. Don’t allow it to disappear if you decide to diffuse the perimeter.

To bang or not to bang. Remember that 2015 is about bringing the childhood fear of fringe back. We aren't going for the heavy bangs of ’96 anymore. We are flattening and refining fringe too match the cut. Allow the middle part to reveal itself by letting the fringe fall down the sides of the face, chipping into them to create some variation and activity on the face.

I think it's important to modify whenever necessary. Make it your own and do what you have to do to make this look fit on your beautiful clients. I would love to see your takes on the floating bob. Tag us on Instagram using #DestroyTheHairdresser.