The Darling

This whole month we have dedicated to the idea of sexuality behind our industry. I wanted to create a trend that was sexy yet sensual. Sometimes something elegant and innocent can be just as stimulating as something sexually overwhelming. Keeping it simple, I created a look I call The Darling. Coming off of the Floating Bob, we are either leaving the hair the same length or lining up our cutting line with the jawline. I recommend leaving the hair at the Floating Bob length if the client has a nice, longer neck. This will give the hair something to lay back on. If the client has a shorter neck, talk to them about accentuating their jawline. This will make their neck appear long and show off some of the sexiest parts of the human face, the jawline and mouth. Deciding on a strong, clear parting is essential. Whether it be on the side or the middle, make sure it's flattering and easy on the eyes. This part adds depth to the style, but we don’t want this to look like a comb over, so feel free to use no part and have it all slicked back. Prep the wet hair with a mild gel, something that will give hold but not crunch out the hair. Apply to hair in seconds to assure total and even saturation. Blow the hair dry with a fine tooth comb, combing the hair back around the ear and lay it gently down the back of the neck. We want everything too look smooth, sleek, and soft. No volume, just relying on the strong parting to do the work. Once the hair is set in place and dry, apply a spray-on shine. Do not be afraid of this product; we want the hair to stay in position but reflect a lot of light. Hopefully the gel you used is holding the hair in place and the spray shine will make the hair look somewhat wet and crisp. Try to avoid using hairsprays since this will only drab out the shine. Even wet hairsprays can have a dulling effect on color. 


Want to give The Darling an edgier style? Add slight volume by blowdrying the hair back without a comb, using your fingers to create texture. Use paste or pomade to piece out the look and show off the dimension. Get creative with your part or avoid parting the hair at all. Just remember that the length and the backward flowing direction are what make The Darling work. Show me your take on this new trend using the following hashtag: #DestroyTheHairdresser.