Shut Up & Show Up

What Is The Secret To Success?

Stop trying and just start doing. Being in a constant state of doing makes things happen. So go do. People say that half the battle is showing up, but really showing up is 99% of the battle won. So do us all a favor and just... show up. 

What Do You Want?

Professional Coach and my dear friend Caroline Ravelo use to ask me all the time "What do you want?", for years this question haunted me and I found it irrelevant. I would ignore it and think it was just another way for her to avoid my very consistent and persistent whining. In hindsight that question makes so much sense. She knew that without me having a clear vision of what I wanted I would never be able to show up and start doing. So now, I ask you the same question: What do you want? 

When You Don't Know What To Do

Unfortunately one of the side affects of being a do'er and a creative is the frantic thoughts of not knowing what to do. The trick is knowing when its ok to do absolutely nothing and when its necessary to start doing something. My Kabbalah teacher and friend, Sarah Munis, tells me all of the time: "When you do not know what to do, do nothing". I had a hard time with this concept when I first heard it. It felt a lot like Caroline asking me what I wanted out of life. Once I started applying this idea it made sense and it worked. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something. In short when you are not busying doing, be busy doing nothing. 

Good Luck