With the month of March being our first "Sexy Issue," we wanted to throw in a color trend that would light up your night. Okay, okay, okay. We can finally say it. Ombre is here to stay, and we are okay with it. In fact, we love it! However, we need to really usher in some new techniques and styles for us colorists to explore, especially for spring. Let me introduce to you a Trichology Project trend called Nightlighting! Forget natural looking sun-kissed hair, moonlit hair is the new rave. Let's step back and think for a minute. Sun-kissed hair is usually warm and bright, but moonlit hair is softer, more sensual, and a little on the sexier side. When you turn on a nightlight, it projects a soft glow that only highlights what is closest to it. This highlighting technique does just that--lights up only what is next to it, allowing everything else to remain in the dark. Since the idea of bringing in a picture of my toddler self to my stylist makes me uncomfortable, we can just use the term nightlights! The point is to create supple, white-blonde strands to produce that baby blonde hue.  I want something sexy, something dimensional--I want a "wow" factor! I named this technique nightlights because that's exactly what they are. Imagine extremely fine, glowing pieces of brightness seamlessly floating through the hair, lighting up the night and reflecting every bit of light as the hair bounces and moves. Talk about effortless dimension, right? It's balayage, but the technique involves finely woven pieces throughout the hair to create a glowing effect. This is a low-maintenance technique for your guest, but with all the tedious weaving, it will be a costly and time-consuming project for you. Start with a few around the face and spread your appointments out to let the natural root expose itself.