Mini Textures

February is about small amounts of texture throughout the hair. We are breaking the rules when it comes to consistency. In fact, we are getting rid of consistency altogether! February is continuing the TriPro trend of January’s look:

“Subdued styling and arbitrary textures that make us all a little uncomfortable.”

We are embracing that uncomfortable factor even more this month and really pumping up the texture techniques. We are grabbing ideas from Stella McCartney, who drew inspiration from the 80s with all of the crimping! We also love Vera Wang's look with her sexy 60s bohemian braids. We want smooth next to messy and shiny next to flat. To create the mini texture looks, give yourself room for error and you may just find that error is the answer.

Bohemian Texture: Use a one-inch Marcel iron and wand the hair, leaving the ends out. This gives you a beachy wave effect throughout the hair. Pick random areas within the style to place simple three strand brands. Make them large, small or different sizes in different areas to create a whimsically styled look. 

Sanded Texture: Time to get out that crimper! This is great for women with fine hair who want to add lift, life and movement to their style without overdoing it. For lift and texture, focus on crimping small pieces around the crown. Stay inside of the hair so that it provides lift for the hair around it. To add soft movement, grab random pieces and crimp from roots to ends. For a softer look, stay inside of the hair and crimp from mid-length to ends. 

Spring Texture: Use a one-inch Marcel iron and wand the hair, leaving the ends out. Again, this gives you beachy waves. Next, take random pieces of hair and slowly backcomb the hair using your index finger and thumb. This gives a soft messy texture. 

February is about the idea of hybrid--combining different techniques for a clash of texture. Yes, the bouncy blowouts and the Kim K. curls will always be fashionable and safe, but let's add to it. Let’s start really customizing hair this month.