We see you, over there with your long hair, not caring. We know you want us to pet your lion-like "Man-Mane" and praise your tight, little top knots, but it's time to move over, fellas. The girls are taking back the trend they started...but with a well-deserved twist. Gone are the days of the huge, teased, Cinderella buns piled on the top of our heads. We are replacing it with a softer and less prom-like design. We are redesigning the bun! The "Gal-Bun" is a mixture between a top knot and a Man-Mane, or Lady-Mane, whatever you want to call it. This look is meant to put us girls back in the bun game. Our boyfriends, husbands, and gay best friends have been stealing our thunder with their 'on-point' hair do's. Let's break some rules, steal some thunder, and start a trend. The Gal-Bun gives a whole new meaning to half-up and half-down. This is a perfect style for second- or even third-day hair. Short or long hair, it doesn't matter. Think of the Gal-Bun as the equivalent to what the fashion industry would call color blocking. It adds tasteful juxtaposition to your style. Shiny roots on day two or three? Spray in some dry shampoo and tie up a top knot. This is sexy new half-up, half-down look, ladies. This look is great if you want tobe able to still rock your waves or curls from the day before but not expose the grease that is your roots. Don't be afraid to wear it with your natural texture or be more put-together with a simple straight look. Have fun and show us what you've got using these hashtag #DestroyTheHairdresser.