Eat Like An Artist

In our industry, we just don't stop, from being double-booked to spending your lunch break fixing an at-home hack job. We spend so much time focusing on getting hair camera-ready or making our guest feel like she could walk down the red carpet, it leads to us forgetting about our own health. Our time is valuable. We can't afford to get sick or take time off, so there has to be another solution. We don't have to be starving artists, but we do have to learn how to eat healthy on the go. 

Here are five awesome snacks that will cut the cravings and get you by till you can actually take a moment to yourself. 


These little guys are my go-to snack, whether I'm mixing up color or waiting for my model to get dressed. Gluten free and made with a blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices, they pack in energy and each flavor has no more than nine ingredients. They are as close to their natural state as a grape! My favorite is the peanut butter cookie.


I'm nuts about a good nut mix! Make your own bag to go. It's quick, it's easy and it takes no time to prepare. I always go for almonds and cashews. This is a protein-packed snack, which means it will keep you fuller longer, and the healthy fats will give you energy throughout the day. Try adding goji berries or mulberries to sweeten up the mix. 


The real name for these cute lil guys are Tangelos. I usually eat two or three of these per day. The are small enough to eat on the go, and they curb my sweet tooth. Cuties are packed full of vitamin C which is so important, especially when you see so many people on a daily basis and you never know who may be sick. 



Throw a couple carrots, peppers or some raw broccoli in a bag and you are good to go. Add some hummus or tahini sauce and you have an awesome dip-and-go snack. If you can't jump on the hummus train, try celery sticks dipped in almond butter.


I usually go for bananas, grapes and apples. They have their own packaging and are easy to eat, especially when you are grabbing a color bowl with one hand and taking a bite out of that apple in the other. Get crazy and try mixing your fruits and veggies into a smoothie.