Class Is In Session: Hair Vs. The Moon

As stylists, we hear a lot of "I'm growing my hair out, so please don't cut too much" or "I want long, sexy Victoria's Secret hair, so take as little as possible." Of course, it's not nearly enough hair taken off to be called a haircut, or to really cure their split-end problem. Well, what if we could inform our clients on when it's a good time for them to get their hair cut. What if we could tell them how to help speed up their hair's growth or even make it more full? We can, and now we will, using our new tool: the moon. As crazy as this may sound, I did some research and found that many people have tested out this theory with astonishing results. From what I have gathered, there are many ways in which you'd benefit from following the moon's cycle. Now don't go downloading those moon tracker apps just yet. You also have to explain to your clients it's not just all rules and regulations, they have to feel out how their body is connected to the moon. They should track when they feel the most positive and well-nourished, and see what phase and astrological sign the moon is in during those times. In last month's issue, I discussed how in Ayurveda beliefs, cutting your hair cuts you off from your connection to the environment. Well, what I also discovered is that once the hair is cut, it takes a lot of energy to repair that lost connection, sometimes years for it to be fully restored. That's where the energy of the moon comes in to play. The light reflected off the moon is energy coming from the sun. Our bodies go through a rejuvenating process during sleep, absorbing energy reflected off the moon. Each phase the moon is in has an important role when it comes to the type of energy the moon is resonating. A new moon, or during the first phase (waxing moon), when the light of the moon is increasing is best for growing your hair faster. To slow down the process of hair growth, you would want to trim your hair after a full moon, once the light of the moon is decreasing (waning moon). They say that it's best to cut your hair during the time the moon is in an earth or water sign, since those elements symbolize growth and nourishment. Fire and wind signs are best for cutting away damaged hair since fire is purifying and wind helps with taking away unwanted energy or those pesky dead ends. However, when the moon is in Leo, these rules don't apply. Since Leo is a lion and they're known for their full mane, cutting your hair during that time will help make hair feel and look fuller. The moon is a ruler of water, something that makes up 75 percent or more of our bodies. If the moon can control large bodies of water with its magnetic pull, it certainly is a factor when it comes to our well-being. Hopefully I've opened your eyes to something interesting to share with your clients. Talk to them about finding their cycle in relation to the moon, and pre-book the best days for them to get their hair cut and see what happens. This will ensure an uncommon and spiritual experience for your guest.