Bonjour Ecaille: Tortoiseshell Hair

For February, we are really going to go back to basics; really bringing back what color is all about. This new color technique is called ecaille, or tortoiseshell, and it's a true hybrid for spring. We don't want to change anyone's hair color this month, just enhance it--add dimension, add depth and definitely add warmth. February is about growing up as colorists, bringing some maturity to the ombre craze and refining our slingshot balayage techniques. Let's start really looking at levels and coloring within the lines again. We don't want to venture too far from our starting levels, unless it's to amplify our tones and provide dimension. If you are worried about this new trend, don't be. This new ecaille fad brings back old school highlighting and lowlighting techniques and combines it with the new school techniques of balayage and ombre. 

We aren't taking anyone from blonde to brown or brown to blonde this month. We are taking what women already have and adding to it. We are using color to create texture. Ecaille mixes beautiful, rich browns, sun-kissed locks filled with ambers and honeys and delicious caramel tones to leave you looking like a bombshell, whether you are a blonde or a brunette. If you are going for insane amounts of dimension paired with a natural flow, then this is the color for you. It is important to remember that this trend is easy to transition into and easy to transition out of, as long as you stay within a safe variation of levels. When going for a total overhaul, this is a very difficult effect to create. This color combination and technique is perfect for those who want to warm up for spring. Bold ombres are a thing of the past. This year, we want natural dimension and movement within the color. Keep in mind ecaille is a more grown up approach to ombre. You will use lots of techniques to create this look, mostly piggybacking off of balayage. Yes, you will want a darker root along with lighter ends, but it's the dimension in the middle that makes this look the dynamic color of the new year. 

As an Aveda colorist, my favorite soft caramel formula on pre-lightened hair is below.

40g 0n
2g lt y/o
1g lt o/r
1g lt b/b40g CTA

I want to see your takes on this new ecaille trend. Make sure to Instagram your work and tag me using #DestroyTheHairdresser.