A Storm Comes Rolling In

“If you want to see sunshine, you have to weather the storm.” - Frank Lane

Whether you are an X-Men fan or just enjoy relaxing bouts of thunder, you're in luck. April is bringing with it not only showers, but also the new trend of "stormy hair." 

It chases me like a bad dream. At least once a week I have a young girl wanting to take her locks 50 years into the future, or mature women wanting to grow our their color to expose what society has tried to cover up for ages. The days of making it a priority to try and hide those pesky age-exposing sparkles are long gone. 

While doing some research, I found that this is not the first time in history young girls, women, and men chose to have gray locks to make a statement. Starting in the mid-1700s, men and woman would use oil and powder to make their hair different shades of grey. It was a statement about status and maturity. The down side of powder is, with any movement, they were a walking cloud of dust. 

Thank goodness in this day and age we have a more permanent solution. Unnatural hair color is a vast obsession recently and the gray hair movement is leading this trend. What's clever is that gray hair isn't too far from a “natural” look. So while one-dimensional gray hair is still being fixated upon by young girls, I'm looking for that multi-dimensional approach that gives your color its own identity.

Stormy hair is a love child of the gray hair movement and the pastel explosion. It's a bold and edgy look that goes with any style and complements any skin tone. As a colorist, I'm turned on with the challenge of what type of climate I want to create. Using color melting techniques, I can decide which shade of gray I want to use and melt it into pastel purples, blues, and even teals. If you want that edgy, apocalypse-type storm, try painting in hues of green. Try balayaging these techniques to create a multi-layered effect. This look is so flirtatious it will bring out anyone's hidden personality. It makes curls look voguish and top knots look striking. If the application is done correctly and blended smoothly, you can even wear it straight. 

I love using Pravana silver mixed with a dab of 1n to get the perfect gray. Melt and mix with the Pravana pastels to create your stormy look. I also like incorporating fine threads of Pravana Pastel Mint into this look. It will complement your grays and blues throughout your look. 

For my Aveda colorists, I have found using 60g 0n +1.5g 1n +60g creme CTA for a slate gray or 40g 0n + 4g pastel blue + 4g pastel violet + 40g creme CTA for a more blue-based gray.  

For your pastels, dilute with 0n to your liking with the blue and violet pure pigments. 

Show me your work!! #DestroyTheHairdresser