The New Gold: Rose

By the time I finish writing this column a new color trend will already be in the works for professionals to keep up with. It’s nearly impossible to stay up on new trends due to the speed at which they pop up. So, at Trichology Project, our goal is to stay ahead of this booming industry by creating our own trends. Instead of waiting around for the industry to tell us what is sexy and wearable, we will tell the industry what they need to start producing for us… the professionals, the creatives, the artists. Lately, strong teal ombre's like Kylie Jenner to pastel purples on Nicole Richie have turned me on. But I want to dive into and dissect rose gold.

Rose gold hair needs to be the next big craze, at least for January. I love the underlying tones of violets with the shimmer of the yellow and orange combination when it hits the light. It can be more peachy or rosy--we decide. It's such a great color for January because it's different--it's cool and warm--a great transition color for the new year. Need to get a little crazier? Tip the ends with an enlightener to create an ombre affect, or don’t… it's up to you.

As a colorist, I love the freedom of customizing and creating true colors for my guests. Start with a true level 9 whether you are already there or have to lift the hair. Play off the natural gold for this level. This isn't platinum, people; we actually want to see ‘gold’ for this one. For the perfect rose gold effect, you will need to apply a toner. I like to keep it very sheer and clean by using a clear base of some sort and adding 2 grams of a light yellow and orange tone and 1 gram of a lighter red violet tone. Keep in mind, if the hair is porous, use less of the red and violet tones because it will take over and you will be left with purple hair. If you want more of a bold fashion color, double the amount of tone. The amount of tones you use depend on your hair texture, type and density. I always recommend doing a swatch or strand test to get the perfect shade of rose gold before applying right to the head of a guest.

For those Aveda colorists out there, like myself, I have written the formula below. For all of you other amazing colorists, I hope this formula helps you! Dissect it, rip it apart, make it better and show it off. Make sure you #TrichologyProject so we can see your creations!

40g 0n
3g LT O/Y [Deep] 
1g LT R/V[Deep] 
40g Liquid CTA