This year must be different and science is making sure of that. Researchers in Europe have developed a topical treatment that goes by the name of PC-KUS. This substance has successfully treated individuals with discolored skin and hair caused by vitiligo. Researchers are also claiming that this treatment could be the miracle cure to greying hair. A miracle for consumers but a curse for professionals? We will get there in a minute.

Why does hair grey? Greying hair is just part of the aging process, but what people do not understand is what that aging process looks like under a microscope. We, as hair care professionals, need to be ready to educate our clients and those around us on this topic. But first, let's educate ourselves. Hair starts to grey through the natural build up of hydrogen molecules in the hair follicles. This causes something called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress results in a gradual loss of natural pigmentation or greying. If you are a person who suffers from constantly trying to hide your grey hair, this could be great news and, trust me, we are very happy for you! But what does this mean for us colorists? How are we going to pay our bills, afford rent or our daily Starbucks? Well, don't let this miracle cure ruffle your color brushes just yet! We first have to step back and applaud science for stumbling onto a future cure for greying hair. This is an amazing discovery that could lead to other cures that could slow the aging process. Oxidative stress is usually the culprit behind your sagging skin, wrinkled smile and cracked hands and feet. Let’s hope that we hear more about this in due time. In the meantime, we need to safeguard our income for the future! With no more grey, we may lose our monthly or even weekly clients. Those empty spaces on our books, once filled with the endless traditional color retouches, may be gone, but can now be filled with more innovative color techniques. As colorists, we have to do what we do best: think outside the box! New color applications, new foiling techniques, experimentations with creating colors from the full spectrum--the whole nine yards! Up-selling or add-on services always seem to be a challenge for hair care professionals. Fear of charging too much usually holds us back. Now that the grey is away, we need to introduce our clients to new creative color habits. We will now have more artistic freedom than ever when it comes to hair color! Thanks to science, the business of hair color is about to change, forever. Get excited, get creative and get out there and #DestroyTheHairdresser!

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