Making Offers Nobody Can Refuse

Stop getting excited over job offers. We are going to be the driving force behind the industry this year which means employers need to get excited about us. Our team has created a tool that gets us all one step closer to the Trichology Project mission. Introducing: 

The Destroy The Hairdresser Offer Letter. 

Offer letters are a common tool in most corporate positions. Because hair is rarely a strong corporate business offer letters do not seem to exist. An offer letter Is usually a piece of paper with a detailed outline of your salary or hourly pay, bonus opportunities etc. Now, because salons usually do not make offers to their new hires we were able to make up what a salon offer letter looks like and how it is going to be used. 

The way we have set it up is going to put us all back into the drivers seat! Instead of waiting for our industry to become more professional, instead of waiting for them to adopt the offer letter we will make offers to them. January must be different and it sure as hell is going to be. What if you walked in to a salon and made them an offer. What if you had the tools to make offers people couldn’t refuse. The offer letter allows you to be completely honest about how much you need to make, what days you need off even what type of insurance you require. People are scared to talk about these things in fear of not being hired, but we must talk about them. When we don’t we find ourselves stuck in dead end jobs that we never really wanted in the first place. This letter is not about an ego trip and its not about trying to be aggressive its about honesty and transparency. Its about not wasting anyones time and really investing and finding the perfect employment for ourselves. Because perfect employment for you is only going to benefit your colleagues and employer. This offer letter is going to change 2015, but only if you utilize it. On the next page is a template for you to use when creating your offer letter. Its barebones, its meant for you to either fill in the blank or remove what you do not find necessary. Remember we are changing the game for 2015. We hope this is just one more tool to help you #DestroyTheHairdresser in the year to come.