4 Ways To Balance Business & Babies

So you've caught the business bug, but you want to be a mother as well. Maybe you caught the mother bug and now you want to be a business owner! Don't do it, it’s too hard! You could be a booth renter, or salon assistant maybe just another “good” stylist. Life would be so much easier. Oh! How about management? That would give you a less risky reality check and gives you more autonomy at someone else’s expense. This way the decisions from the top won't seem so arbitrary. Honestly, don't open a business… the easiest way to make a living is to work for an ethical & successful salon owner and appreciate their risk and investment by being totally engaged in their vision while they support and encourage your goals… Sounds good? 

I didn’t think so!

1. Support! Your bra can’t do it all.

The key to doing it all & doing it reasonably well is support. At home and in the office. Paid or unpaid. Be aware that whenever you are home you will feel like you should be at work and vice versa. That feeling will never diminish. Balance is key, work at work and be present when you are home with family. There will be times that you feel you're failing at both and sometimes it will be true. I suggest a personal assistant, or something of that nature, to use in your absence due to your child’s high fever. You cannot do it all…unless you have the right support. Then you can rule the world. 

2. Excuse Me? No Excuses!

Don't use kids as an excuse for falling short at work. Don't say your kid is sick, has a recital or a doctors appointment. Most people don't have sympathy for kids' illnesses or obligations. Especially when it happens to interrupt their scheduled hair appointment. Side note: Do not use your period as an excuse either! Don't discuss cramps or share that its your ‘time of the month’ and you need to go home and lay down. We all need to go home an lay down, period. If you have a medical condition, take care of it. If that means you take daily medicine, then make sure you take your daily medicine. If that means you need to do yoga every morning, then make sure you do downward dog before work. If that means picking up the babysitter to watch your sick child then go get the babysitter. Get to work, there is money to be made.

3. The Godfather Had It Right

In case I wasn't clear, family comes first. If your child has a fever, as I said before, there is no need to tell anyone. Simply state that you will not be in today and leave it at that. You will lose clients over this but family is still priority. That being said, keeping it professional will save you. Make sure you have invested in and promoted your staff in a way that allows your clients to feel at ease with any of your employees in your absence. Not only will this keep a client from leaving, it puts money back into your business and into your employees pocket. Besides employees are family and family comes first.

4. Do As I do… And As I say

It is good for children to see real life balance and imbalance. It teaches priorities and consequences. At our house, we teach that everyone has a job. My daughter's job is to go to school and do her best. Our jobs are to do our best at work. Everyone is obligated to do their job. If she doesn't want to do her job it makes it impossible to do mine and that is unfair. Fairness is a valid argument at any age, especially to a six year old. We don't teach the ‘Prince Charming’ method. We show her that you must always have a job and take pride in supporting yourself. Everyone is expected to be self supporting and self sufficient [as age and health allow]. On days she struggles to understand this we make a plan for after school fun and games and she skips off to school as happy as ever. 

At the end of the day I am a mother and a business woman and I do the best I can do. Most of the time it’s all I can do. Sometimes enough is never enough and other times it really is.


Corinne Kleinberger
Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur.
As You Like It Salon [Aveda Concept Salon]
A Salon Today Top 200 winner 2013-14