Retirement? Nah.

Retirement. The ultimate american dream has quickly become a distant nightmare for the current generation of retirees, or lack there of. Many of us did not save for retirement like our parents or our grandparents. Instead of talking about how 'irresponsible' Millennial's are we have to remember that many Generation Y babies also are unable to retire due to lack of finances. But something else very interesting is happening. Most Gen Y and Millennials do not want to retire. This is a big shift in the american dream ideology. The idea of retirement is slowly dying but the desire for quality of life is stronger than ever before. Gone are the days of working yourself to the bone in order to sit in the sun when you're 60, or make your early morning tee time at 70. We are in an age where we create our schedules that create the perfect work/life balance. That being said, we still need to put money away for future plans whether they are to retire, work from home or travel the world. 

"To retire is to die." - Pablo Casals

It's a cruel world out there and unfortunately american culture does not foster a great quality of life for its older citizens. Most of us will end up in 'old folks' homes or continue working in the hair industry until our hands freeze up. I don't know about you but this sounds miserable. Listen, unless you are blessed with being born into wealth or have the merit of having children that make enough money to take care of you in your golden years, then you need to start saving now. Are you in your 20's? Great news! You are ahead of the game. Are you in your 30s? You'll be fine just make a bit more effort. Are you in your 40's or older? Better late than never. Below is a quick guideline to start implementing for your personal savings plan. Call it what you want: Retirement Plan, Savings Guide, World Traveling Funds, etc. 

Professionals in their 20's:
Open a savings account and start putting away 10%-15% of your paycheck every pay day. 

Professionals in their 30's:
Open a savings account and start putting away 15%-20% of your paycheck every pay day. 

Professionals in their 40's:
Open up a savings account and start putting away 20%-30% of your paycheck every pay day. 

Remember this is just a start, a small start. For those of you looking to enhance your retirement savings, speak to a financial planner in your area. They will help you place money into accounts that have better returns. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, no one is going to care as much about your quality of life more than you. So start using your quantity to build your quality and call it a day.