Dude Looks Like A Lady?

"Are you wearing makeup?" This is the last question any "bro" wants to be asked. Why?

There's a long-time stigma attached to men wearing cosmetics. Whether it's the fear of being called gay, or looking like a cast member of Rupaul's Drag Race; somewhere along our history we lost touch with this ancient tradition. This does not apply to full foundation, blush, contouring and lashes but we need to get our male clients familiar with their faces. Take a look at any male celebrity walking down the red carpet, on your favourite talk show, or on the cover of GQ. They're all wearing makeup. Didn't notice? That's because it's slight color correction and just fixing little imperfections to give that glowing, refreshed look. If it's acceptable for a man to spend an hour making his hair look like Justin Biebers latest instagram pic, there's no reason he can't spend a little extra time on his mug. 

While your client is in your chair, ask if you can try something new. Add a touch of tinted moisturizer and a couple hits of concealer in his problem areas and Bam! Channing Tatum. Our goal here is not to overwhelm our male clients with all this knowledge of skin care and makeup brushes and color science, because honestly, they don't give a fuck. They want something simple they can do in 5 minutes and walk out of the house, they're not trying to resemble Kim Kardashian. 

More and more men are starting to embrace their full beauty potential and I'm fully on board with it. Next step...Beard art. But I'll save that for another blog ;)